* * *

like a dramatic final chord
of a Wagner overture,
the viscous pounding of hail
on the fluted tin roof stops.

Wet silence follows, stones,
sliding like bowls,
over shiny terracotta tiles.
A necklace of diamonds
prêt-à-porter, clings
to the washing line
as, windows weep, and
fluffy blackbirds preen
a jumble of drips jive,
à la rhythm 'n blues,
as we inhale,
damp nature.

* * *

nb. A view of a hail storm from a terrasse with red terracotta tiles.

Message 2 - posted by dazzlinglucinda (U2795209) , Mar 17, 2006
Dear VJI remember this poem from when I first joined Poetry CornerPret a Porter still ready to wear.Bring back the Golden Oldies I say.( I remember it so it must be good)Lucy

Message 3 - posted by Pip (U222487) , Mar 17, 2006
Much enjoyed the re-visit VJ. 'prêt-à-porter' has a very rainy sound! You capture the moment in 'Wet silence' I believe I commented before on the visual splendour of 'necklace of diamonds'.Great music and images in this VJ. Thank you for sharing.all the bestPip :0)

Message 4 - posted by mazann (U2443065) , Mar 17, 2006
first time ive read this but found it to be really good i think you have a knack with words that others like myself can only aspire to well done

Message 5 - posted by didyouever (U2468519) , Mar 17, 2006
I find it totally original to have portrayed a rainy day with so much reference to jazzy musical styles, it's all a bit "Breakfast at Tiffany's" innit? Most original. Rain will never be the same again for me.Didyouever

Message 6 - posted by Mercedes (U1754896) **, Mar 17, 2006
A beautiful poem VJ - I remember when you first posted this.Emma

Message 7 - posted by Pip (U222487) , Mar 17, 2006

Message 8 - posted by wordplayer (U3374351) , Mar 17, 2006
Hi VJa beautiful descriptioni like this poem very muchwordplayer

Message 9 - posted by Ann B (U1755036) , Mar 17, 2006
My priviledge to read it first time around - I can see and hear it- well done! Ann

Message 10 - posted by VJ (U2493142) , Mar 17, 2006
I am going to be naughty and do a general thank you as I am saving all my words for replying... 8-) Thank you all so much.I love hail stones and the aftermath. On my terrasse here I have this little fluted roof and the sound is deafening and I always go and stand under it to get the full effect.Valeriexx

Message 11 - posted by didyouever (U2468519) , Mar 17, 2006
VJ, Please!What is this 8-) You're always doing?Are you confusingthe number 8with the cap let Bmight I ask?Excuse this pain in the ***

Message 12 - posted by VJ (U2493142) , Mar 17, 2006
it's because I have big eyes dids just a silly smiley, I used to say "smile" each time on the old board as there were no icons so I changed it to this. You could NEVER be a pain 8-) ))))

Message 13 - posted by Taurus (U2765330) , Mar 17, 2006
VJ,This isn't only good, It's Excellent.Toby
This is a reply to this message

Message 14 - posted by didyouever (U2468519) , Mar 17, 2006
Thanks for that last comment.So, it is a smiley SIDEWAYS, now I get it! I thought you were mixing up the symbols for the 'cool' emoticon.Ah well.Live and learn.Didyouever take a turn

Message 15 - posted by didyouever (U2468519) , Mar 17, 2006
PS sorry, I've also lectured you on this on another thread!

Message 16 - posted by VJ (U2493142) , Mar 18, 2006
blush blush8-) thanks toby Jug, Valeriexx

Message 17 - posted by anipani (U2224939) , Mar 21, 2006
this was new to me,and worthy of recognition, can't let it get buried, so i am pulling it back up, hope you don't mind but i had to send a round of tumultuous applause. must have missed it on the thread before. i love the choice of sounds in the words, pret-a porter is just GORGEOUS. i am deeply envious of your talent, best wishes anne

Message 18 - posted by sibford (U3131584) , Mar 21, 2006
Hi Valerie, I think this is an absolutely beautiful poem.I must say I have never liked hail,since I was a very young child and was caught in a freak hail storm but now I have read your poem I will try to regard hail in a different way!! Your poem has made me really think of its beauty instead.Love&Best Wishes Rose xx

Message 19 - posted by VJ (U2493142) , Mar 21, 2006
Gosh thank you so much Anne and Rose for your thoughts and comments. Glad you enjoyed,Valeriexx

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