another of Jorge's gorgeous pix (Jorge Santos:

Jorgey is a friend of mine from Brussels, an underwater photographer, extreeeeeemely modest, who always thinks his photos could be better... Anyway, I sometimes write poems that try to portray his gorg photos and here is one of them.

Nudibranch (sea slug)

He appears,
silent as a snowflake,
sliding over beaten bed rocks
teasing sponges and corals
with his yellow tips waving
in the deep sea breeze
nature says,
beware of colours blinding,
as he tempts us to our knees
to kiss his velvet pout
leaving trails upon our lips,
although soft on the outside,
inside, they may be as hard
as quarter inch nails .


Anonymous said...

The Valerie Fish

Deep within the briny deeps there lives a very particular fish. Some know her as the ‘the aquatic rhymester’, others call her ‘the undersea bard’, but to me her name is ‘Valerie J’ and she’s a pelagian poetess extordinaire. This underwater rhymester has a gift: a skill with words. You may be lucky enough to meet her one day, for she travels much this Valerie J. Perhaps you’ll find her in the Irian Jaya reading poetry to nudibranch. Or maybe you’ll find her in the Arafura Sea, discussing philosophy with silver tench. Maybe you’ll find her in the Persian Gulf teaching English to wide eyed tetra. Or perhaps it will be the Aegean where she holds sand etching workshops for schools of carp. Where-ever you find her be it the barrier reef, the Caribbean or the med, you are subject to a rare privilege - take my advice - don’t waste it. Grab this opportunity to bask in sparkling erudition and learn from her felicity. Most importantly listen to her, for she has much to impart. She’s been to many far off waters and met many colourful characters. She knows much of the ocean and has many stories to tell. Have you ever met the hot-tempered Siamese fighting fish? Or the felonious cat fish? I expect Valerie has and whether that day she be a kindly angelfish or a grumpy trout – she can teach you something.

ValerieJ said...
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ValerieJ said...

Thank you for your kind words and your fabulously inventive imagination made me laugh.

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